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Time to Start Updating the Blog!

I am ashamed to see that my last post to my TA blog was July 31, 2010! I have no excuses other than, three girls put through college (all are done under grad, one out of law school, and the third is getting a Masters of Architecture), buying a college rental house and renovating it, a new job promotion and traveling 80% out of the country to Mexico. I guess that can quickly turn into 6 years!

Well here are some pics with the new quarters and the trunk gap and filler panel fitment:

Tail panel and tail lights were then fitted as well:

Then the three piece rear spoiler  was fitted. It looks great, way better than factory!

Finally rear bumper:

Then we went on to the hood. It is the correct original 1970 hood.

Then doors:

Then the TA project went into hibernation (Sept.2010) for 5 long years… Can you find it in this picture??


Starting to stir from its slumber (December 2014)



Posted by: 455hota | July 31, 2010

Metal Work on Body Progressing Great!

Nyle and his team at Wings Auto Art, have been putting in some time on the TA the past few weeks. The results are getting me motivated to move on  with the project.

With the old quarters and trunk extensions removed, the last remnants of rust can be dealt with.

All he surface rust has been removed and cleaned and coated with epoxy primer.  Ready to fit some NOS quarters!

After a lot of test fitting and aligning, the quarters are welded into position.

I can see it moving forward!!! It is a great feeling!!!1

Posted by: 455hota | June 9, 2010

Some New Pics From Wing’s Auto Art

Well it has been a while since I did an update on the progress, so here I go….

The donor package tray has been put in the car. Nyle and his boys did an excellent job as usual. One of the previous owners decided that two 6×9 speakers were not enough, so he cut openings for two additional speakers. Glad that is fixed.

Next the old quarters were partially removed to expose the trunk drops. They are very nasty! I got a real nice set out of CA from a donor car. Thanks John Trujillo!

You can see the trunk floor is very bad as well. I got a nice repop from NPD and we are going to use just what we need to do the job right.

New trunk floor rough fit in place. It is coming together good.

Doors are now hung and fit to the old front half of the quarters. We are now set to remove the rest of the quarters and install the new GM NOS ones.

Nyle, Bill, and Adam, did a great job saving the original tail panel. Way to go guys!!!!

Hopefully soon I will be posting pics of the new quarters installed!!!

Posted by: 455hota | November 29, 2009

Winter closing in, and TA projects are heating up…

I have started to get ready for the winter by working on some on the sub assemblies. The body is still off at Wings Auto Art.  Nyle  got really busy, so I told him I could wait I am in no big hurry. We have a tracked down all the sheet metal we need except for the trunk drops (or extensions). I hope to find some soon.

I cleaned up and restored the original calipers ( I have two sets). They are the correct date coded pieces. They came out very nice. I have also been able to save the original steering linkages, tie rods and center link. They cleaned up very nice and have been detailed. I am also working on getting all the subframe hardware re-plated because Nyle has the subframe all painted and detailed out. It is perfect, just waiting to be re-assembled.


Posted by: 455hota | September 25, 2009

Factory Pinstripe back on the GTO

Today I had the factory pinstripe put back on the GTO.  I think it really sets the car off. I should have done it a long time ago.

I had the stripe put on by Gibb Company Hand Lettering and Pinstriping. Gibb came over and did a fantastic job, and the best part he did it all by hand!! What a craftsman!!! Thanks a lot Gibb!!!!

Posted by: 455hota | August 28, 2009

Body work has begun……

The car is off at Wing’s Auto Art, and Nyle is going to work on it. It has been blasted to bare metal and we found some more surprises than we thought.

I knew the trunk floor was bad, but we did not expect the quarters to be as bad as they are. The trunk extension panels are completely toast.


So the search is on for some NOS metal (quarters, trunk floor, extensions, front valance)…..only time will tell.

Posted by: 455hota | November 25, 2008

2008 Fall Chevy VetteFest

This past weekend I went with my buddies Norman and Nyle to the Chevy VetteFest in Rosemont IL. We took Norman’s Chevelle to get it judged in the Concurs catgegory. It scored a 972 out of 1000, which earned it a Gold Spinner award, and it also got a Diamond award for the best first time showing for a Chevelle. Way to go Norman….

Posted by: 455hota | November 15, 2008

More Disassembly progress

Last night and this morning I spent some more time out in the garage. I got the endura nose off, the rad support cradle and the radiator.

I confirmed that I have the wrong radiator. I have a newer unit from an automatic car. I now need a correct radiator. I will add that to the list of parts I am searching for. The fan schroud seems to be original, but it is missing chunks and needs some TLC with my plastic welder. Surprisingly the core support is in very good shape, with only surface rust. I now have two good ones, so I will use the best and sell the other one.

Much more work to come…

Posted by: 455hota | November 9, 2008

Dash out….

The dash was taken out last evening. It came out really easily, because someone must have been in it before and left most of the screws out!!! The dash itself needs to be re covered, but the plastic core frame is perfect, no cracks of mutilations.

Its starting to get a little full in the Garage Majhal…

Posted by: 455hota | November 8, 2008

Hood and fenders are off……


I was able to remove the hood and fenders this morning. It was not too bad except for a lot of broken fender to inner fender clips. The Canadian winters were not kind to this car.


Next I was able to get the windshield out in one piece. My goal is to get the dash out so I can send it off for restoration, along with the lower door panel arm rests.


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